• Elisa

Official release day and Bandcamp Friday

The time has come.

Fistful of Planets part II is officially out!

In occasion of the Bandcamp Friday, you can support me (and all indipendent artists) at 100%. So if you didn’t decide yet, buy it today! Thanks to the support of my friends and fans all over the world I can create more music and express Art.

I believe that a certain kind of music can open the mind and make people dream again and feel their power. Life is hard, but we need to start from small things to heal this world. Never forget the healing power of music. Discover my galaxy!

Click on the image and you'll be directly into my Bandcamp shop


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I am so proud of that: my album Fistful of Planets part II is considered one of the best album of 2021 on several websites! Check out: FRENCH blog, ITALIAN website And it's not over: the famous French