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  • Original compositions, arrangements, remixes 

  • recordings and editing for albums, singles, movie soundtracks, advertisings etc.

  • Collaborations with teams of international professional musicians (guitarists,bassists, drummers, orchestra arrangers...) to build up the best product for a wide range of musical genres.


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for any question and support you can contact me at

Year: 2021

Production: self-producted, co-production Mattias Olsson

Distribution: Black Widow Records

Genre: Progressive rock, folk, atmospheric, instrumental

available on: CD, Limited Edition collector's box, digital download

The second part of the imaginary journey through an unknown galaxy. Songs about introspection, dreams, visions and human feelings. The arrangements are rich and there's a strong sensibility for the research of the right sounds to express the different messages through music.

download here for more information:


Year: 2020

Production: self-producted 

Genre: various

available on: CD SOLD OUT - available on digital download

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for any question and support you can contact me at

 A collection of original compositions, piano bar improvisations, discographical collaborations, old demos. It's the music I play during my piano bar sessions, it's another side of me, different from the progressive rock one. 

"dévoiler" is the French word for "unveil": so, discover my different sides and my personal feelings in these eclectic composition.

buy the digital album directly here:

When you purchase music, you have two ways to download it:

  • From the download page after you have made the purchase

  • From the email you receive to yor PayPal email address

You can choose to download the music as a FLAC file or MP3 file.


  • The download link in the email is active for three days only. This is for protection to prevent pirating. 

  • If the music is not downloaded within the three day time period, I cannot resend the link.

Fistful of planets part I

Year: 2015

Production: self-production

Genre: progressive rock, instrumental, ambient, folk, experimental

available on: CD (2021 reprint, 100 signed copies only, available from June)

and digital download 



for any question and support you can contact me at


buy the digital album directly here:

My first solo album, evocative compositions born in different corners of the world. Every song is part of an imaginary galaxy where the listener can lose himself and live an emotional journey.


This song will be not included in any of my albums.

Support me and purchase the high quality wav file - you'll receive a pdf file with the lyrics and the link to download the artistic video!

Listen and read!

 Now you can listen to my song and read the lyrics, and have the italian translation too! Click on the download button to get the lyrics files, so you can keep them with you and read them anytime you want!

Except for himself
So much more
Wine tastes better

English lyrics

English lyrics

English lyrics

Italian lyrics

Italian lyrics

Italian lyrics

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