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Year: 2020

Production: self-producted 

Genre: various

available on: CD, digital download

 A collection of original compositions, piano bar improvisations, discographical collaborations, old demos. It's the music I play during my piano bar sessions, it's another side of me, different from the progressive rock one. 

"dévoiler" is the French word for "unveil": so, discover my different sides and my personal feelings in these eclectic composition.

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photo ©Andrea Montaldo

Listen and read!

 Now you can listen to my song and read the lyrics, and have the italian translation too! Click on the download button to get the lyrics files, so you can keep them with you and read them anytime you want!

Except for himself
So much more

English lyrics

Italian lyrics

English lyrics

Italian lyrics

painting by Riccardo Di Stasi

Fistful of planets part II

Year: work in progress

Production: self-producted, co-production Mattias Olsson

Genre: Progressive rock, folk, atmospheric, instrumental

available on: CD, digital download

The second part of the imaginary journey through an unknown galaxy. Songs about introspection, dreams, visions and human feelings. The arrangements are rich and there's a strong sensibility for the research of the right sounds to express the different messages through music.

photo ©Delfilm Photos

Happy birthday Tom Waits!

 In my album "​​dévoiler" I unveil another side of me: my love for Tom Waits music and that world of magic, live clubs, dust and gloomy fairytales. This song was finished yesterday and today it's his birthday, so I thought to publish to share my vision and an alternative version of  his song "I'm still here". This song talks about Lewis Carroll's friend Alice, who inspired him to write "Alice in wonderland". The lyrics of the song are Alice's words when she was a very old lady and she was invited to have a speech at the Oxford University. I find this composition so beautiful and full of magic.

We arranged it in a very different way from the original. 

Words and music by Tom Waits


Elisa Montaldo: vocals

Ignazio Serventi: classical  guitar, slide guitar

Mattias Olsson: drums, keyboards, vibraphone

Hampus Nordgren-Hemlin: bass, electric guitar, vibraphone

listen to my first album "Fistful of planets part I"

My music

Compositions, recordings, arrangements

  • Original compositions

  • Arrangements for keyboards and vocals

  • recordings and editing for albums, songs, music for documentaries, movies, advertisings etc.

  • Collaborations with plenty of professional musicians (guitarists,bassists, drummers, orchestra arrangers...) to build up the best product for a wide range of musical genres.


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Piano and singing lessons

Private lessons of:

  • piano 

  • modern piano

  • keyboards

  • pop/rock keyboard arrangements

  • modern singing

  • modern music composition

  • technical aspects of live music

  • home recording (Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Sonar, Studio One, Cubase)

  • consulences for visual communication for bands (marketing, graphics,merchandise, social networks).

Lessons in Italian, English and in French.

Available for Skype courses.

About Me

I am mainly a pianist and polistrumentist. I sing as well and I compose my own music.

I specialized myself in rock/folk/soundtrack music and I lead and perform in different projects and bands well known in the international progressive rock ambient.


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