Live music for events

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A huge repertoire for a various entertainment.

Personal interpretations of evergreens, smooth jazz, pop and rock, folk, themes from cinema and musicals.

Emotional piano improvisation and new age music with ethnic oriental instruments.

Music for events, piano bar, galas, weddings, cocktails and more.
Crafted in years of experience, these are Elisa's different styles of musical performance: monothematic or mixed, these solutions can cover a wide specter of exigences of a refined musical entertainment.

Piano solo, peaceful and melodic background music for the most elegant and cozy events

Lounge/chill out music with piano, keyboard and voice, with smooth background rhythm and a huge choice of styles (soft jazz, jazzy and bossa covers of famous pop songs, blues, folk and country, evergreens, '70/'80/'90 pop and rock ,themes from musicals): perfect for glamour cocktails, dinners and meetings.

- Acoustic piano and voice for an eclectic and personal live performance, inspirational and very interesting, good for background music during dinners but also to entertain the audience like in an intimate concert. Personal interpretations of popular songs, rock, blues, cinema soundtracks etc.

- New age and ethnic atmosphere: visionary piano improvisation, exotic and "healing" peaceful sounds with real ethnic instruments (oriental harps and flutes, american folk harp and world sounds) - perfect and unusual performances for "zen/spa/clinique" ambients.


The image and outfit are always in harmony with the musical proposal and the ambient of the event.

Do you want to have an idea of my repertoire? Check out in this file right here! (In constant evolution)

Dj Set , live dj mix, ambience music

I can also perform some DJ set. I am not a professional DJ but I am able to mix music and warm up the ambience with some groove and different beats!

Specialized in Buddha Bar music, I mix world electro music, ethnic deep house, deep house, commercial deep house, soulful house, electro vintage swing, funk house, lounge, chill out.

THE PLUS: my DJ set is enriched with live imrpovisation of vocals, percussions, ethnic instruments, electronic synthsizers.

Listen to some of my live mix here below!  



About Me

I am mainly a pianist and polistrumentist. I sing as well and I compose my own music.

I specialized myself in rock/folk/soundtrack music and I lead and perform in different projects and bands well known in the international progressive rock ambient.


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