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My 2023 in music

My musical activity during 2023 has been various and crazy! It’s the 10th year as a full time musician, I sacrificed a lot to fight and survive in this life rollercoaster. I still have a lot of dreams and ideas and I hope the most of them can see the light in this new 2024. Thanks to my family, my friends and all the people who support me and follow me…I will keep on fighting and believing in the power of Music!

I wish you a Happy new year. Never give up your dreams.

Here's a recap with the main points of my artistic activity, so you can have a look in case you lost something ;-)

album: Enlightening nights Darkening days (Luminol Records)

genre: progressive rock, post rock, alternative rock

what I did: all keyboards arrangements and recordings

Listen on Spotify

THAIDI movie

Mandarine Films Production, Switzerland

Selected in several indipendent film festivals and winner of awards (AI film festival USA, Montreal Indipendent film festival, Canadian Cinématographe Awards Film Festival, Switzerland International Film Festival, Innuendo Festival (best OST), Space Brains SciFi Film Festival)

what I did: make up artist/stylist, actor's assistant, and above all I composed and produced the full movie soundtrack (with the support of Mattias Olsson at Roth Handle Studio, Sweden)

I hope the movie will be available soon for the audience and my will is to produce the OST album in 2024.... so... Stay tuned !


in collaboration with Bain Froid CH

what I did: for this peculiar collaboration with the hypnotist Sebastien Hammerli I composed and produced a music built to be a guide during the "cardiac coherence" technique (a breathing/meditation healing technique). I published the music on my Bandcamp and we organise live workshop n Switzerland.

album: Planetary Overload part 2: Hope

genre: progressive rock

shop: CD, vynil at Essential Progrock

what I did: I composed aranged and recorded multilayered vocals for the prog suite song "being of equal"

Proud to be part of this project with such famous and amazing artists!

artist: Monophaze

genre: dub/techno

what I did: composition of lyrics and recording vocals in Japanese

Single: Sarah's Theme

from THAIDI Original soundtrack

Listen on Spotify

what I did: composed and recorded this instrumental theme: first discographical collaboration with Barbara Rubin, who added viola and produced the mix and master of the song.

song: Moonchild (Live)

Listen on Spotify

This King Crimson cover is a live version recorded during the "Fistful of Planets and other galaxies" concert in Genova 3rd December 2022 with Barbara Rubin

song: La stanza nascosta (Live)

Listen on Spotify

We performed Il Tempio delle Clessidre song during the "Fistful of Planets and other galaxies" concert in Genova 3rd December 2022 with Barbara Rubin

album: Carmina Occulta (Black Widow Records)

artist: Mater a Clivis Imperat

genre: occult italian prog rock

CD, double vynil, Limited edition box Listen on Spotify

what I did: I composed, arranged and recorded multi layered vocals and ethnic instruments

And of course a non stop activity in live piano bar and DJ set for Buddha Bar during the summer season. You can follow me on my Instagram

to see live extracts and be constantly updated with what I do and some funny moments of my everyday life. I keep on being positive and try to express my passions and give joy and inspiration.

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