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My new single "Earth's Call"

My album will not be entirely published in any streaming platform. That's why it's a concept album, some songs are deeply connected to the others and everything is linked to the images and the objects in the limited edition "polysensorial box".

Anyway, I decided to publish this song. The original version is out now, while the "film version" it will be out on 6th September (the same date in which worldwide distribution will start). Earth's Call represents the Exosphere: the listener is slowly getting far from our world and passing through the last layer of the earthly atmosphere. I imagined that Earth is trying to call him back using a melody, played by several acoustic instruments (sounds which reminds of Nature and the earthly power) and gradually becoming weirder, resonating in the space as a sort of "distorted radio signal".

I created the cover image by elatborating a photo my brother took some days ago somewhere in the high wild mountains od Dolomiti. He found this giant astronaut statue in the middle of a hiking path and he was blown away. He sent me this photo saying that he was immediately transported into another world, and he thought of my music. I agree with him and I think that this image express this visionary idea at its best.

Enjoy this song and I invite you to live the whole experience with my album.

There are still some limited edition boxes available and the CDs are ready to be shipped worldwide.

" A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it's not open" (Frank Zappa)

Listen to Earth's Call on Spotify , Apple Music, and all the main music streaming platforms.

The original photo by Andrea Montaldo

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