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My job in Grand Hotel du Lac, Vevey (Switzerland)

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

Happy 2018 everybody!

After several years of full-time job as a musician and a teacher, touring in several places in Italy, Germany and Switzerland, I received the offer to become resident pianist in Grand Hotel du Lac.

I'm very proud for this! I am responsible of creating the atmosphere and the ambience for this awesome hotel by the lake Leman. Of course I had to move from Italy and stop my music courses, but I worked hard to be able to continue my activity of composer and arranger by myself, in my small home recording studio.

My piano bar proposal is quite different from the traditional live music mostly performed in hotels. I try to catch the clients' attention offering a very emotional piano and voice repertoire, or give a glamorous modern attitude to the "aperitif time" with very charming lounge covers of famous evergreen songs, from pop to smooth jazz. During the night, if the atmosphere is right, I also go into piano improvisation or I play my original compositions.

If you want to come listen to me, you can find me:

Thursday - Friday - Saturday from 6pm to midnight

Sunday from 12am to 6pm

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