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New Youtube video!

I created a video using a friend's rough video take from our live concert "Fistful of Planets and other galaxies", 3rd December 2022 in Theatre La Claque Genova.

Barbara Rubin - viola, voice

Elisa Montaldo - piano, voice

"La stanza nascosta" by "Il Tempio delle Clessidre"

Live recording - Andrea Torretta & La Claque Theater

Mix & master - Barbara Rubin

Artwork & graphics - Elisa Montaldo

Photo - Daniel Nervi

You can purchase the high quality audio single (and the other single "Moonchild") HERE


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1 Comment

Hello! Could you please change the resolution of your video to full hd? You can try video resolution converter and if it suits you, you can do it without any problems!
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