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Winter promotion for musical gifts!

Hello everybody, I hope you are doing well and you're enjoying the coming of this wonderful season. Since it's the time of promotions, gifts and hopefully cozy days staying at home and listening to some good music, I thought of making something special for you ;-)

And here we are: for each purchased album (Fistful of Planets part I, part II and Devoiler) you will get TWO FREE DOWNLOAD CODES of your choice (for the same album you purchased or the other ones): in this way you will have the possibility to make a gift to a friend (it can be the physical CD or the digital album!) and combine this as you want.

But most of all, you'll get potentially TWO free full albums with the purchase of one!

Do you like this idea? It is also a help in making my music known to a wider audience and you know how much this is important for an artist.

There's not a lot more to say, just check my Bandcamp and choose your CD: don't forget to specify which free downloads you want (by writing the two titles in a message linked to the purchase), and I will send you directly the two free download codes via email and also printed on paper! :-D

Share this news if you like, choose to promote Music by making gifts like these and stay tuned for further news! Have a great Winter

PS- I also inform you that the Fistful of Planets part II Limited edition "polysensorial box" is available on my Bandcamp (ONLY 1 LEFT!) and at Black Widow Records (still a few pieces available)

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