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The album "Toki no kaze" by Samurai of prog is very well reviewed!

Did you remember my post in which I announce that I wrote and performed two songs in this album? The album came out and it has very good reviews from webzines, blogs and magazines in all the world. I'm very happy and proud to be part of this opera dedicated to the world of Hayao Myiazaki! You can have an idea of the tracks by listening this extracts on Youtube (I am present at minute 8:00, singing "Nausicaa", composed by Luca Scherani). My song in the album is called "la magia è la realtà". Other discographical collaboration will follow!

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Jean-Blaise Betrisey
Jean-Blaise Betrisey

I really like works from The Samurai of Prog, a very original and cinematic approach of the music with amazing musical contributions... a little bit like Arjen Lucassen ;-)

Can't wait to hear the album in full and your contribution dear Elisa

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