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New song and collaboration

I'm proud to introduce you to a brand new song: Sarah's theme is originally composed for a movie soundtrack (I'll give more information in the future about that).

It's an instrumental theme originally composed for solo piano: I felt the need to add some sounds, especially a string instrument. And here we are, finally collaborating together for a discographical production: Barbara Rubin, the perfect musician and person to give this song a twist! She recorded an awesome viola solo and took part to the production of the song making both mix and master. I added some weird ambient sounds (some of them courtesy of Mattias Olsson with whom I produce the movie soundtrack) and wanted a bewitching video to express this musical vision: I came to know a very talented artist on TikTok: Dollehz makes weird short stop motion videos using creepy dolls, building and crafting all the scenography by herself (walls, rooms, decorations, lights)!

Fall into this visionary bittersweet nightmare, enjoy the colours and the psychedelic storyline and discover this peculiar aestethic (creepy dolls are very popular and loved among people on the web, I am personally a fan!)

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Jean-Blaise Betrisey
Jean-Blaise Betrisey

WoW, amazing blending of piano with violin ! I like this atmosphere with innocence of childhood mixed with terrifying nightmares… really, only nightmares ? …..

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