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New singles and how to find them

New singles are coming out on the main music platforms. If you want to keep updated and have them ready to listen in streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon music, Deezer, Pandora, you can simply browse my name and you'll find them. If you're reading this post (and I thank you for that), I'm gonna make it easier putting the direct link on the main platforms' logo ;-)

Click on the logo and follow me where you prefer! Don't forget to check my Spotify playlist "Elisa Montaldos' mix" to know most of my musical features and collaborations.

Anyway, don't forget that buying music directly from the producer can give the artist a very useful help to continue producing music and to create new songs. I live with this profession and I need your support. You can buy my albums directly here or on my BANDCAMP page. Thank you!

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