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New logo... and a surprise for you!

With the growth of the imaginary galaxy forming Fistful of planets part II, my artistic universe takes a more precise shape. Textures, nebulosa and stars are coming to life, spreading a light of inspiration with colors and hues. Since long time I wanted to create my personal logo, as I am a graphic passionate and I studied drawing and figurative arts.

I hand drew my logo starting from different ideas from the study of my name letters "E" and "M". Delfilm, the graphic designer with whom I collaborate, helped me in making the logo "web friendly". This is the result:

I wanted to make something easy but also elegant, enigmatic, esoteric and retrò but at the same time with something "alien-ish" in it. A symbol that can also be used to decorate phone and computer screens with desktop designs, or simply something new to watch and get inspired of.

More images and ideas will come...but in the meantime...let's play a game! Hidden somewhere on my website there's a button: if you find it and you click on it, you'll be able to download two"graphic gifts" for you! Take this occasion to have a look on the new site design and write me your opinions and suggestions in order to help me in making improvements. How? There's a brand new LIVE CHAT on my homepage! Hope you like it :-)

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