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My collaboration on a new project!

Today the brand new single "Night City Lights" is out: it's part of Davide Ronfetto's upcoming album, a progressive rock project with the collaboration of Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree, ORK), Heather Findlay (Ayreon, Odin Dragonfly), Edmondo Romano (PFM, New Trolls, Motus Laevus), Gabriele Tiezzi, Omar Maiorano! :-) I took care of all the keyboards arrangements and recordings, building walls of mellotron, solid chords of Hammond Organ and inspired lead synth solos. I had a lot of pleasure in collaborating for this music because it's a joy for the ears to all the prog lovers, well done, melodic and rock at the same time.

You can listen to "Night City Lights" on Spotify. Stay tuned for further news!

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1 comentario

Jean-Blaise Betrisey
Jean-Blaise Betrisey
09 dic 2022

Magnifique titre, très belle collaboration ! Brava Elisa 😎

Me gusta
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