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Let's meet...Delfilm

She's one of the artists involved into the limited edition box "polysensorial experience". She manages the sense of sight by creating images and graphic elements which are deeply connected to the music of Fistful of planets part II.

Delfims has a great taste in choosing colors and creating "visual textures", when you watch her collages and graphic elaboration your sense of sight is working, but in some the sense of touch is stimulated too. The "space galaxy" we created is something dusty and visionary, the stars look like stains on a thick paper, the images are futuristic and retrò at the same time. This concept of a "dusty space and past memories" will be very important in the album development.

Delfilm builds her works with real scratches on paper, collages and ink prints and that's why even the most surreal images give a "real touch" effect. We work in deep connection to harmonize perfectly the images to the album musical concept.

All my photos of the album are made and elaborated by Delfilm.

More information on her activity on her website

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