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Happy birthday Tom Waits!

In my album "​​dévoiler" I unveil another side of me: my love for Tom Waits music and that world of magic, live clubs, dust and gloomy fairytales. This song was finished yesterday and today it's his birthday, so I thought to publish to share my vision and an alternative version of his song "I'm still here". This song talks about Lewis Carroll's friend Alice, who inspired him to write "Alice in wonderland". The lyrics of the song are Alice's words when she was a very old lady and she was invited to have a speech at the Oxford University. I find this composition so beautiful and full of magic. We arranged it in a very different way from the original. ​LISTEN TO MY NEW SINGLE HERE!

Words and music by Tom Waits Elisa Montaldo: vocals Ignazio Serventi: classical guitar, slide guitar Mattias Olsson: drums, keyboards, vibraphone Hampus Nordgren-Hemlin: bass, electric guitar, vibraphone

Original painting by Riccardo Di Stasi

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Jean-Blaise Betrisey
Jean-Blaise Betrisey

A very brilliant cover, Elisa ! Tom Waits is a one of a kind genius - xx

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