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Exclusive single "Earth's Call" - film version

I introduce you to a very special exclusive version of the song "Earth's Call": the single came out the 6th August and it's part of my album Fistful of Planets part II. This alternative version is NOT included in the album and it is an epic, cinematic interpretation of the music I composed to express the call of Earth through the exosphere. Thanks to Jose Manuel Medina for the solemn orchestral arrangement!

Elisa Montaldo - piano, keyboards, virtual bass, effects, synths

Rafael Pacha - classical guitar

Nina Uzelac - cello

Mattias Olsson - co-production, mix

The single is available on my Bandcamp and the supporters of Fistful's project will soon receive an email with a free download and extra content.

Photo by Andrea Montaldo, graphic elaboration by myself.


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