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About wellness, music and hypnosis...

At the end of this month a very peculiar collaboration will start: I created a special music for Sebastien Hammerli, doctor specialized in hypnosis, cold bath and massage theraphy with his Cabinet Bio in Vevey.

The music I created and produced (mix and master by Barbara Rubin) is crafted to guide the listener to a deep state of relaxation and the intervals of 5 seconds are made for the practice of the cardiac coherence respiration technique.

We will start our workshop during the Hypnotic weekend in Vevey on 30th April: during this 4 hours workshop I will put in place several ethnic and acoustic instruments and together we will create musical experiments and improvisations discovering and living in first person the power of music, voice and breathing. Doctor Hammerli will take care of the hypnosis and explain the psychological and physical aspects of this experience.

Then we will explore the cardiac coherence technique by listening to the full music.

If you want to know more about this project, visit this WEBSITE

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