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Big announcement and NEW experimental content!

Hello everybody: the time has (almost) come! Today I released the pre orders of Fistful of Planets part II: in the next days I'll do my best to ship all the limited edition boxes. It has not been easy! But here we are.

First: Save the date(s):

6 AUGUST 2021 - Fistful of Planets part II will be officially out on my Bandcamp (and on this website), in occasion of the famous Bandcamp Friday!

6 SEPTEMBER 2021 - worldwide official distribution will start: Black Widow Records will help me to spread this music all over the world!

3-4-5 SEPTEMBER 2021 - the album will be exclusively available in "avant-première" during VERUNO PROG FESTIVAL: If the condition will allow it, I'll be there in person to meet and greet my prog friends and enjoy live music after a long time!


As you already know, Fistful of Planets is a concept about senses: me and the guitarist Ignazio Serventi thought of making something special: we prepared for you an AUDIO REVIEW! We liked Athos Enrile's article about the album, so we wanted to make it not only readable, but "listeneable"! Thanks to Ignazio who read and recorded it with additional musical extracts (small spoler)! Well, now you can choose to read or listen the review, you just need to click this button!

and you'll find the audio just on top of the readable link. Soon on Youtube as well!

Of course as it's a first experiment, I'm interested in knowing what do you think about it and have your opinions and suggestions. We'll try to do that for English, French and Spanish reviews too!

I'm very excited about all that. I hope you can soon discover my whole concept album and that you'll be absorbed in this visionary and polysensorial galaxy!

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