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A year of music!

Time flies, and another year is almost over. It has been a very productive year, in which the work I've done in 2019 and 2020 finally saw the light. I want to make a summary of all the music linked to me that came out, where to find it and how to get inspired. Have a look!

Dévoiler : On 12 December 2020 my second solo album came out... I cannot believe that one year already passed! This eclectic collection of songs is something I'm very proud of, totally self producted. It's a perfect way to know my world and know also my "pop" side!

It's almost sold out, if you're interested you can find CDs and digital album on my Bandcamp (click on the photo of each album cover and you'll be immediately forwarded to the specific link):


This is the most important album of the year! You should know already a lot about it, if you follow my activity ;-)

Still ONE box available on my Bandcamp store and CDs and some boxes on Black Widow Records shop too!


Come neve a primavera

Nothing (Monophaze remix)

A remix of my song "nothing" (from Fistful of Planets part II) in collaboration with the dub/techno producer Monophaze


I collaborated to more than one album of this amazing progressive rock project. I composed various songs and performed as a keyboardist, arranger and singer.

OMNIBUS 2: the Middle Years

A deluxe CD box set with 4 albums. I'm in it with four songs!

The White Snake

Collaborating as a singer in the song the traveling musicians

Beyond the wardrobe

My song Washing the clouds is in it in form of "alternative version"


Il Grido della fata (december 2021)

In this amazing album of the Italian songwriter, I collaborated playing my ethnic oriental instruments (electric koto, guzheng,african percussions etc)

Some examples in the following songs:


28IF (december 2021)

In this album I played a very rock n'roll piano in the song Che Boludo


Tangent & Mutations Vol. 2

(december 2021)

An idiosyncratic collection of remixes, collaborations, experiments and out-takes for the brave and curious. I am there as keyboardist.

Further collaborations will come out hopefully next year!

In the meantime, I'm working on the production of a movie soundtrack and of course always working at Grand Hotel du Lac in Vevey at the piano bar.

All this music is made with heart and soul and a lot of brain too! It has not been easy and I had to sacrifice a lot (as most of musicians nowaday) to be able to realize original music and produce Cds, graphics and promotion all by myself. Thanks again to the people that supports me and show interest in my acitivity. I hope to surprise you even more in the next future and have the possibility to create new inspirations and try to make this universe better doing my little part. Never stop dream! Have a good ending of year, but above all a good start for the new one!

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