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Fistful of planets: pre orders OPEN!!!!

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

I have an ambitious project regarding Fistful of planets part II: the album will be producted in a CD format (digipak) and in an exclusive numbered and signed LIMITED EDITION BOX!

This box contains some objects that will stimulate your senses and they will take you the music listening experience to a deeper level

I asked two special women to help me in creating my idea, and a special and magic collaboration started. I introduce to:

DELFILM Photographer, collage and paper artist, graphic, crafting, visionary art.

She creates all the textures and patterns of the album and my photos images. Her taste in choosing colors and hues is amazing. She will create an exclusive signed and numbered image printed on thick paper to stimulate your sense of sight and touch.

STREGA DEL CASTELLO Perfume creator, alchemical artist

She's a white witch, a modern alchemist. She is able to make people dream with their artistic and high quality perfumes. She will give me the magical mysterious potion that will gel perfectly with the music...your sense of smell will be stimulated and you will be immediately transported into another time and space!

All your senses will be involved, but I don't want to unveil everything. You will see, touch, listen and taste. My music will be expressed in these different forms of Art too.

The limited edition box is the result of the hard work of three indipendent Artists, the quality of the items is high and they're especially made for this project. For this reason we need to collect pre-orders to start the production. We need your support and if the orders will be enough to start the production, we will be ready to create these boxes and make you discover this new conception of listening music!

More informations on this PDF (available in three languages, please choose what you prefer and download it):

Download • 1.74MB

PRE ORDER your copy on

Download PDF • 1.74MB

The album and the box will be producted in the next months, depepnding on pre orders, and you'll receive it automatically.

Download PDF • 1.76MB

Remember to specify your address and your phone number (needed only for customs documents).

Thank you for your support, we will work hard to make things at the best and give you a very special product. Music can be deep and powerful. Here the new teaser, enjoy and see you soon!

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